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06-Jan-2016 14:35

Polish Americans aren't exactly around every street corner but finding one to date isn't too difficult, though dating them can present some unusual nuances not always present in American culture.

Poland's dating culture is neither massively traditional nor is it particularly modern or western; its lack of easily placeable “genre” is one of the things that makes it such an intriguing country. As such, you'll have to read your date well and play all things by ear, so heed the forthcoming advice intelligently.

You might not want to dive right into your date's face from the onset as the cheek kissing greeting is something which in America is seen as very foreign or abnormal, so there's a chance that your date has given the boot to this particular custom courtesy of Americanization.

As a man dating a Polish woman, always be sure to open doors for your date and offer to pay bills.

The Polish were an integral part of the first ever successful British settlement in America, having ridden alongside Captain John Smith and helping to establish the very beginnings of the United States as we know it today.

Things have moved forward somewhat since then, and the modernized era in America is a bit different than that of the pilgrims of old or the traditional inhabitants of Poland, but the present day Untied States can certainly offer dating options for Polish individuals.

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But among the Polish it is a fairly normal means of showing good manners.Make efforts to get to know the good characteristics of your date and show how awesome you are by being able to make any conversation fun, rather than by alluding to things outside of the current situation which make you desirable.