Poems about dating a married woman

22-Nov-2014 04:25

Yes you have also been to the courts and the mistress was ordered to pay you compensation.

The monetary compensation which you were awarded came from your husband who gave it to the mistress to pay you. ’ When we take the mistress to court, we embarrass our children and extended family and sometimes even ourselves.

It’s time married women as well as those in a committed relationship took a stand and either refrain from unprotected relations with their partners until tests are done to prove that indeed they are not being naughty and are still clean and that you are still safe with them.

And it got me thinking of how the wife and ‘long term’ girlfriend need to be proactive in this issue as it is the female gender that seems too trusting and have this “well I am the one he comes home to at the end of the day” or “I’m the one wearing the ring” or “I’m the one with whom he has a sacred bond” kind of attitude that will never save anyone – in this case, the married woman from contracting STI’s.

Okay, so we have noted your position (married) and jewellery (wedding band) but the question remains, “How do we stop the introduction of STI’s in your marriage? If your partner seems unwilling to drop his mistress and you have no desire to divorce the man, how can you manage the situation?

I know the married women out there would prefer not to imagine their husbands feverishly going after another woman.

It’s also amazing how married women know and have a strong inkling when their husband is having an affair and yet because we have no “proof” such as catching the hubby at it, we let it be and some wives even declare that God will act as their condom against infection.

And usually women only go to the courts when the marriage has disintegrated, or you have contracted some STI or for bitter revenge when the marriage is but over.

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I have just been reading about depression being linked to gender stereotypes and in there was an analysis of women from some African countries including Zimbabwe.For those Zimbabwean women interviewed, it seemed that I quote “men are the leading source of the difficulties women undergo” I have watched women hanging on despite that the relationship is no longer nurturing.

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