Podcast not updating itunes store

23-Aug-2015 17:38

All the information about your podcast in i Tunes (title, descriptions, episode, cover art, copyright, etc.) is pulled from your RSS feed.

Thus, to change how your podcast is listed in the i Tunes store, you need to change the information in your RSS feed.

They’ll publish a new episode and then look at their i Tunes listing only to see the latest episode isn’t there yet. First, if the episode downloads fine for you (subscribed to your own podcast) and others, then there’s probably nothing wrong.

People are subscribed directly to your RSS feed, so it doesn’t matter whether i Tunes displays the latest episode in the store.

In the very rare case, there may be a problem on Apple’s side, so contact them through Podcasts Connect to ask that they force refresh, Your written i Tunes reviews encourage me and they help other people find the podcast.

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However, i Tunes also learns your publishing frequency and may update your podcast more quickly around the time you consistently publish a new episode.If you’ve waited at least 24 hours, login to Podcasts Connect with the Apple ID you used to submit your podcast, click on your podcast and click to refresh your feed. If your i Tunes listing still hasn’t updated, there may be a different problem with your feed causing issues with i Tunes.Your subscribers will still download it automatically according to their app’s settings.i Tunes caches everything, so it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for a new episode to appear.

Ratings, reviews, ranking, and related podcasts are maintained by Apple, and you can’t change them.

I’m quite certain this is the most common i Tunes issue podcasters complain about.

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