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She was distressed that night and drinking vodka unusually quickly, Mr Ward said.

“She kept repeating ‘he will get me in the end,’” Mr Ward said.

He told paramedics and Gardai that she may have taken some of his heroin which he had left in a bag on the counter.

Acting on his information, paramedics administered the opiate antidote narcem.

He woke up later that night and noticed Miss Kelly was not in bed.

He heard a noise from the living room where he found her in a collapsed state.

Mairead Kelly of The Grove, Athy, Co Kildare was pronounced dead on May 4 2015.

Mr Ward, a heroin addict, said she was aware of his drug use at an early stage and confronted him about it.“She encouraged me to detox and said she would help me in any way she could,” Mr Ward said.