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22-Nov-2015 20:10

Is playing with piss in sex as in peeing on each other and maybe even drinking it actually safe?Also I have heard of people peeing in the other persons ass before surely that can't be safe?It was a new experience for both mympartner and myself. A forum for peer support and informal advice on matters related to physical and sexual health.

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Drinking too much could theoretically cause you to be dehydrated or kidney damage (like drinking sea water) but it would have to be a LOT at one time. But it is possible to have an erecrtion, put it in someone's anus, then urinate. Not safe, and not a good idea for a variety of reasons. There are other factors to consider when urine play (and for that matter, dedication play) are being considered and that's te psychological factor. If it is between to committed partners, where boundaries and inhibitions between those that love one another are supposed to be removed, where both partners are healthy, where there is implicit trust, it would seem ok to engage in such activities.The main issue is the anus squeezes down and can prevent it. It's when the top pisses in the ass of the bottom during intercourse. It is a fine line between healthy and power/control and shame-based motivation for such things... So I suggest that the person(s) interested in such things do some self-exploration to figure out what their motivation is before getting too far into these behaviors. I totally see chips point if these activities were part of casual sex and hook ups.

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