Pirate dating site

19-Feb-2015 23:54

We previously wrote a review comparing Match, e Harmony and the best dating websites.Pirate Date will allow singles to share and assist their social connections in finding potential dates, while getting recommendations and referrals from their friends.Pirate Date is utilizing Meezoog’s technology to provide users with “social proximity” measurements, that allow people to efficiently filter their cyber connections.And why would you join this site over Match.com, E-Harmony or others that already have a considerable user base?

According to the site, personal information added by members is immediately visible to their friends (through Facebook connect), encouraging users to be honest with their information.

Pirate Date’s ‘Social Radius’ technology exposes members to singles who are socially connected to them, as well as displays how they are connected.

It’s unclear who would actually want to join this site considering the Pirate Bay’s brand.

It seems more oriented towards men than women, considering the homepage of Pirate Date includes a picture of an attractive woman in a pirate’s costume.

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The site will also share users’ ‘Trust Paths’ to every member, showing people’s social graph.

And the site’s ‘Social Proximity Gauge’, calculates how close you are to people you find interesting on Pirate Date.

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