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You have already spent more time asking this question than can save you such a shorthand in a year of average coding. Coming to this code months later, you will puzzle yourself with question, if such a code monster have any special meaning.

Moreover, with such a shorthand you will but all proposed snippets aren't that clear. UTC is the current time and all timezones are just offsets from UTC.

While this may not make sense, the object does provide you with methods to work around it.

Impossible times due to daylight savings are handled by this function in a way similar to impossible dates, with the difference that this is not an error (i.e.

I remember you snipped me on a couple of posts a while back.

There's a reason for ignoring the time zone when you pass a timestamp to __construct.

That is similar to how, for example, Febuary 29, 2014 would be handled, which would be interpreted as March 1, 2014.

Your comments are always anticipated..firing :)What timezone?

This might be confusing if you are converting warnings to exceptions in your error or shutdown handler.A definite "gotcha" (while documented) that exists in the __construct is that it ignores your timezone if the $time is a timestamp.a consequent call to Date Time::get Last Error() yields nothing).For example: In the timezone "Europe/Berlin" on Sunday, March 30 2014 there was no am, because that our is being skipped due to daylight savings on that day.

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That is, UNIX timestamps are by definition based on [email protected] represents the same date/time regardless of time zone. If time cannot be parsed an exception of type Exception is thrown which can be caught, however an E_WARNING is emitted as well.

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