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17-Dec-2015 08:44

I was in limbo, my thoughts invaded by dark visions, of where I should be and I how I must achieve this.

My instincts told me that I was in the presence of a true Master and even though our banter was warm and friendly the undertones of control were apparent in the words you used and the speed with which my concerns were diminished as I let you pullthe strings, gently leading me down that mysterious and sensuous path. Like a doctor at a first consultation, clinical, observant you probed my mind and, before I could stop myself, I had confessed my enforced celibacy, my masturbatory habits, my deep feelings about the lifestyle.The Dark Teacher I was frolicking in when I fell upon you.Sir had just released me and so I was searching again, never knowing though, or understanding, what it was that I sought.But you quietly insisted and for a brief moment I let you look into my eyes, knowing that, reflected in them, were my desire and extreme arousal.

As I chattered away to you, my words flying from the keyboard, you began to take control, telling me it was cool and not to be nervous.You suggested we speak on messenger and in a moment we were there together and I saw your picture, standing by your desk, your dark sensuality, mesmerizing, drawing me inexplicably and inevitably towards you.