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BJA does have a MXR Carbon Copy Delay that is used for "Kill the DJ." Jason White's Guitars White's main guitar is a '50s Gibson Les Paul Jr doublecut with two P-90s (and a Gibson Les Paul goldtop with P-90s as its backup) that White uses on rhythm duties, while his Gibson Les Paul is used on any of the band's newer where White takes lead guitar duty.From his collection of vintage Jrs, BJA's brought a doublecut '59 TV yellow model and a '55 black singlecut both outfitted with a single P-90 in the bridge. “Dookie” mod or Bradshaw gain mod) and Meat (lower head) has Golub’s SE Lead mod, which adds another preamp tube for more gain.New acquisitions to Armstrong's touring arsenal are a Rickenbacker 330, modified with only one volume control, and a late '60s Martin GT-70 has a bolt-on neck and original De Armond pickups. The two heads have been Armstrong's got-to amps since even before their iconic 'mud set' at Woodstock '94 performance.The Shure R4D+ wireless units go into a RJM i S-8 allowing Buscher to switch between eight guitar inputs, which then splits off into either the CAE 3+ SE preamp or Marshall heads and the RJM RG-16 switcher and Master Mind MIDI controller that engage the four main presets that Billie uses.The controller’s presets are Clean and Mid (both settings bypass the Marshalls’ preamps in favor of a Custom Audio Electronics 3+ SE guitar tube preamp), Big (both Marshalls without the CAE preamp), and Big Effect (which kicks in a Boss BD-2 Blues Driver pedal for solos).'s Chris Kies is on location at the at the NIU Convocation Center in De Kalb, IL, where he catches up with Green Day's guitar and bass techs before their spring 2013 99 Revolutions tour in support of their three latest albums, .

Armstrong uses Blue on primarily Green Day's earlier stuff like "Basket Case," "Longview," "Brain Stew," and "Hitching' a Ride," so the guitar is tuned to Eb and is strung with Ernie Ball Slinky .010--.046 strings (the rest of Armstrong's guitars are tuned to E standard with .010s, too).

Other go-to guitars Armstrong uses during live performances includes the repaired TV-yellow Gibson Les Paul Jr doublecut that he busted during the Las Vegas I Heart Radio festival, and a silver-sparkle signature Gibson Les Paul Jr singlecut with a Seymour Duncan P-90 Antiquity in the bridge.

The mass majority of them are Gibson Les Paul Jr models, but the most iconic guitar dating back to the early-90s is the super-strat coined Blue.

The stickered axe is a Fernandes Stratocaster copy that he got for his birthday when he was 11.

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Billie Joe Armstrong's Amps and Effects His two Marshall 100-watt 1959 SLP reissue heads were modified by Martin Golub at L. For his clean tone, BJA uses a rackmount Custom Audio Electronics 3+ SE guitar tube preamp.

Both heads and the CAE 3+ SE run through two Marshall 1960B cabinets that are equipped with Celestion Vintage 30s.

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