Penguin seal carbon dating

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Ninety percent of an Adelie Penguins life is spent at sea where it can dive for up to 5 minutes and to a depth of 500ft. During the summer breeding season Adelie Penguins are common along all the Antarctic coasts with land and some sub antarctic islands.

The Adelie nests further south than any other penguin with its nesting colony at Cape Royds (77°33'S 166°9'E)being the furthest south until, in the mid 1980's they recolonised Cape Barne (77°35'S 166°9'E And as far north as Zavodovski Island in the South Sandwich Islands (56°20'S 27°35'W) Breeding During the winter months the Adelie Penguins feed and rest in the pack ice surrounding Antarctica's land fast ice, in the Austral spring, October or November the males arrive at their breeding grounds and occupy their simple nest of stones from the previous year. They usually seek out their partner from the previous year, if he has survived the winter and courting begins.

The popular image of a penguin with a glistening white front, dapper black head, back and wings with the expressive white eye ring, the Adelie Penguin is the most widely distributed, but not the most numerous of the Antarctic penguins.

Weighing 3.8 to 6.8 kg (8.3 -15 lbs) Adelie Penguins are social birds and nest and feed in groups.

Colonies can contains thousands of nests packed close together and the birds leave for the sea and return in groups.

This acts as protection from their main predator, Leopard Seals.

Researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand were surprised to see females removing stones from other nests and on several occasions they witnessed the female mating with a male who wasn't her partner and afterwards returning to her nest with a stone from his nest.

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There are 3 penguins in the Pygoscelis Genus and DNA evidence suggests that the genus split off from other penguins around 38 million years ago and the Adelie's split from the Chinstraps and the Gentoo penguins about 19 million years ago.In 1830 the French explorer Jules Dumont d'Urville named them for his wife, along with Adelie Land.Studies on fossilised eggshells from sites where Adelies have been for a long time reveal that 200 years ago there was a sudden change in diet from fish to krill, this is thought to coincide with the commercial harvesting of Antarctic Fur seals and later of the baleen whales, so leaving more krill for the penguins to eat.The[y still eat not only krill but some fish and squid.

These large seals patrol the waters off a penguin colony and entering the water in a group reduces the chance of a penguin being singled out as dinner.

On land skuas can present a risk to unattended eggs or chicks and the birds will work in pairs to provoke brooding penguins into leaving their nests so that a chick or egg can be stolen.

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