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by using couriers to hand-carry notes or to repeat messages from their memory. Wednesday, December 11, 2002In November 1980, following a speech by Strom Thurmond at a campaign rally in Mississippi for Ronald Reagan, Trent Lott told the crowd that "You know, if we had elected this man 30 years ago, " in the run-up to a possible war with Iraq, because of its "broad overuse of anonymous sources for key stories on intelligence concerning al-Qaeda."As the U.

He also says that middle-ranking Pakistani army officers are tipping off al-Qaeda about U. Whom to believe: A hit man for al-Qaeda's Iraqi affiliate, Ansar al-Islam, and a man claiming to be an Iraqi intelligence officer, provide different takes on Abu Wael, a mystery man who is being seen as a possible link between Saddam and bin Laden. S.' mainstream media comes under fire for , calling "Jenin, Jenin, -- an Israeli Arab's depiction of events in Jenin during last April's military offensive -- "propaganda that represents a biased view of the group with whom Israel finds itself at war."Israel silent on with Bill Maher. weapons inspectors currently being played out in the world media, captures the U. authorities' desire to avoid the unilateral route over Iraq and its desire to continue making mileage out of the Iraqi issue."Jonathan Raban looks at the unstable family dynasties that came to dominate the Middle East after colonial administrators drew up fantasy borders.

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Without much evident restraint, he is restoring long-forgotten indignities to the White House at a time when his administration is expanding the very powers that his new appointees once abused." the U.

S.' call for early elections in Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez said that "I think they haven't properly evaluated Venezuelan affairs. We will have to send them a copy of the constitution." Plus: Chavez ," as increasingly violent drug-trafficking gangs extend their reach into middle- and upper-class neighborhoods.

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