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22-Mar-2016 18:09

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However, it lacks any online chat features so there's a distinct lack of buzz, which is compounded by a lackluster membership base.It's necessary to point out early on in this review that Filthy Over50uk differs slightly in this category in that it caters to more mature members on both sides, rather than Cougars and Toy Boys.If you're specifically looking to date older people, you'll probably be disappointed.Plus, there were only 675 members online when we checked in.Please be aware that this website contains adult material and is not suitable for anyone that is not looking for such material.If adult content over fifty is not your cup of tea then we offer 2 other over fifty dating websites, one for casual dating called flirty over fifty dating, and one for more conventional dating called single over fifty dating.However, despite this, you'll find lots of members, both male and female, who are considerably younger than 50.Whilst there were 454,779 female members registered on the site at the time of this review, only 43,562 were 50 or over, which suggests that it's not all it seems.

Filthy Over50uk is a hot and saucy online dating site for straight guys and girls over 50 in the UK.It's free to join Filthy Over50uk and create your profile, as long as you have a valid email address.At first glance it's quite impressive; colorful, easy to navigate and with logically ordered features and an uncluttered feel.You'll find plenty of features too, including a really useful interactive map search that helps you quickly locate members near you.

Filthy Over Fifty Dating is an adult dating website for anyone between the ages of 50 and 60, or anyone that wants to date someone within that age range.

This website offers an alternative to conventional over fifty dating by offering it’s users a more ‘filthy’ dating experience.