Outlook 2016 oab not updating cached mode

17-Dec-2015 22:36

OABs are also critical in reducing the workload on Exchange servers as cached mode Outlook clients will always query the local OAB first. The last major overhaul of OAB architecture was in Exchange Server 2007, where we introduced web-distribution of OAB along with CAS server role taking major responsibility of distributing the OAB.But the OAB generation process itself hasn’t changed much. With the change in the server role architecture introduced in Exchange Server 2013, we have also changed the way property.s, are a critical component in Exchange infrastructure for a long time now.An OAB is used by Microsoft Outlook clients in Cached Exchange Mode for address book lookups when offline.If this server was unavailable for a long period, the OAB generation was affected.In Exchange 2013, the OAB is generated by each Exchange 2013 Mailbox server(s) that hosts a special type of arbitration mailbox, called parameter anymore.Exchange 2013 supports only the web distribution method, so let’s explore the changes in web-distribution method.The Exchange 2007/2010 CAS pulled the OAB files generated on the respective Mailbox server and stored them locally. CAS 2013 proxies all OAB download requests to the appropriate Exchange 2013 Mailbox server.

In Exchange 2013, this is the flow of OAB download: This new workflow overcomes the disadvantages of legacy OAB download workflow.The Organization Mailbox is a new type of arbitration mailbox introduced with Exchange 2013.