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I was eventually ‘ Grade to learn the culture up close and with the hope that I would improve in my studies. The Brotherhood Undying support of all the bhai’s your wife has accumulated over the years.Initially, it took me a year to adapt but after that, I slowly transitioned into a regular run of the mill ‘toka’ after my 12th. These might be the rakhi brothers or even her brother who till the wedding looked at you with all the hate he could manage (I am still scared of him)4. Ethnic Mania The best of ethnic wear found at a throw away price, at places like Utkal textiles and a few others. Swearing with Pride Cursing in Odia is an art and I have now mastered certain aspect of it.All the readers are requested to refrain from commenting on the writers personal life. Hence the culture there was always a bit alien to me. Hence the culture there was always a bit alien to me. The Awesome Mother-in-Law Not many are lucky to have a mother-in-law who is crazy about you and treats you better than her daughter.Even though I was living in the Middle East with my parents, I wasn’t fluent in my native language. Even though I was living in the Middle East with my parents, I wasn’t fluent in my native language. Sometimes goes on to the extent of forgetting her birthday but remembering yours instead.3.He describes himself as a 28-year-old ‘Khaanti’ Odia who loves reading and writing.The post written above is certainly very personal and we are grateful that he decided to share such an important aspect of his life with us.Barrage of social networks like Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 and Skype all played their role perfectly in our version of I always consider Soni (Suchismita Bhagat ) as the ultimate Odia girl. And this is just the beginning of a very under-rated list of places, still waiting to be explored.10. You will learn it from your wife predominantly and it does help when your wife has an MBA in finance.

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One thing led to another and here we are now – happily married for almost a year and a half. The Riverside Charm The beautiful Ring road at Cuttack. Maybe it’s the extra dose of love which an Odia girl can shower upon you or maybe it’s just that Odisha holds a deeper meaning in every Odia’s life.

Even though none of my friends were sure about how marrying an Odia girl would turn out(due to the cultural difference) I stood by my decision. Pakhala made the right way – not the ‘crap’ they serve in over-rated restaurants c. Whatever be the reason, we are just glad – it happened!

I then landed up in KIIT Bhubaneswar and after 4 years of what every typical engineering life looks like, I joined Accenture in Bangalore. Before all the running around for career, jobs – I met Suchismita Bhagat. The Bhaina Syndrome The procedure of calling anyone ‘bhaina’ at the drop of a hat to diffuse a particularly tense situation. And the Pipli hangings have been a craze with all my work colleagues and friends.6. This however, you will pick up from the minute you get down at the airport and the driver is cut off by a bicycle rider.9.

To cut the long story short, we were the perfect example of love over internet. May it be the policeman, the politician or even the local waiter. Odia Music You will be introduced to Akshaya Mohanty’s music – that genius! Lesser Known Tourist Places There is a Buddhist Circuit in Odisha which is truly awesome!

Also along the journey, I discovered few very under-rated joys about marrying an odia girl which I would like to share:1. Guided tour of Cuttack eventually leading to PPMC (Professor Pada Mutton Chop) and Royal Biryani. The joy of sitting behind your wife when she weaves in and out of traffic in her scooty just to make sure you taste the perfect chuski. Subhayou is now in Kuwait and still wonders why is he stuck in the God-Forsaken-Desert.

Eating is now a secondary hobby and my ever-increasing waistline is proof of the same.2.

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