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02-Mar-2015 02:47

To view the tutorial, "Java Web services: Axis2 WS-Security encryption", please follow the link below: Java Security Java Web services: Axis2 WS-Security encryption Tutorial Go here for more Java Tutorials.

Validation can be done in two ways; validation of XML, during parsing or after marshalling, or validation of the SAMLObjects.

For example you may wish to create a parser pool that performs schema validation during parsing while another instance does not.

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Separate instances representing each unique set of configurations can be created.

Again, in the example of Assertions and Statements, the Assertion class exposes a to traverse or edit the collection, use JDK 1.5 foreach loops, perform mutation operations like add, remove, and clear, and retrieval operations, and the returned collection class will "do the right thing" in respect to adding/removing the objects as children of the contain class. This library is very similar to the Jakarta Commons Logging (JCL) library but differs in two significant ways.

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