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23-Apr-2015 03:54

She is not like all that young girls, she is serious about her search and deserves the greatest man in the world. I'm saying all this to make a point I left and went to kiev and in kiev met a friend we spend two weeks together pretty much all day out lunch dinner cabs busses shopping for two weeks with hotel and I spend in kiev for two weeks what I had spend in odessa in 2 days. But anyway anastasia support denies everything and of course they do to protect themselves but this site is mainly good for chatting alone there's more bad than good and if you want to travel there please do so it is a beautiful country but have one thing in mind just have fun and don't go expecting something real cause you will be disappointed and hurt.

I had communication with her during few months and we decided to meet I came to Ukraine (Kharkov) and I had the best time in my life She showed me the city and we had a lot of fun She didnt ask about any money and I saw that she was honest and that she really wanted to find her man In the end of my trip we understood that we had special feelings between us. I wish it wasent true but I cracked down on all bugs on there app there spam mails.

I have been on the website for a few months so difficult to choose the one you are looking for as there are so many nice ladies on Anasatasia Date... I hope I will make up my mind soon...)))) I joined a few months ago but didn't get serious until late Sept. It was costing me about 3000$ dollars monthly to chat there First and foremost this is my experience of Anastasiadate.

I expect that a representative from them will have some generic comment but that's to be expected.

I always wanted to leave here a feedback about Anastasia Date, but didnt have actually time for that.

So finally Im doing that hoping to help you to understand how to find a really great woman on this site. Its not ok when a lot of young women want to have relationships with a man like me who is 53 y.o.. Good luck I have been member for 2 years realized the girls are not what you think there are a lot of bots the letters are all copy and paste the letter you get probably was sent to a few hundred more men.

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So guys, be careful in your search on this site and you will find what you are looking for! Who is looking hard for something, will get it for sure! After first contact, two weeks later we now are corresponding and skyping daily. She is on the stuborn side but we are getting along well. Remember have fun using this is you have that kind of cash flow as of right now I'm about 12,000 in a hole and need to do alot of overtime to pay back.But if you search carefully you will find a real diamond. But in odessa it's about the cash flow I went there realizing that I was getting legaly robbed going out for dinner and lunch I was paying 3 or 4 times the price I kept quiet.I wanted to tell the story how I met her Her name is Irina, ID 1864129 and she is so sincere and cheerful. I had one lady pretty much tell me if I'm a real man I will support her and pay for her visa and passport to come to me when I said I cannot she stopped talking to me and some other were taking me to resterant that seemed they all knew each other and making a cut.Experience is experience and the following is my opinion based on my experience with using this website to find a mate.

I didn't expect to fall head over heels with the first lady and I didn't have much expectations either.

I'm 45, I don't have time for games and I am pretty naive when it comes to matters of the heart. However, once that trust is broken there is no opening that door again.

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