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11-Apr-2015 08:39

“So the anonymity feature doesn’t change things so much for men.” Experiments of this sort could be used in a range of online-matching platforms to help understand how to improve the consumer experience – though it’s important that the experiments be done ethically, the researchers say.

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“The offline ‘flirting’ equivalents, at best, would be a suggestive look or a preening bodily gesture such as a hair toss to one side or an over-the-shoulder glance, each subject to myriad interpretations and possible misinterpretations contingent on the perceptiveness of the players involved.

Much less ambiguity exists in the online environment if the focal user views another user’s profile and leaves a visible train in his ‘Recent Visitors’ list.” “Men send four times the number of messages that women do,” says co-author Akhmed Umyarov, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

Farrell typically cowers before her on camera, which I suppose is better than the awful treatment Steven Stevens submits his wife Josie to, a woman with a 14-inch waist a 32F breasts.… continue reading »

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