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06-Nov-2014 09:49

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At some point, comedian and actor Aziz Ansari became the face of millennial dating.In 2015 alone, he performed a very successful stand-up special on Netflix about the perils of dating (both online and in the “real world”), he wrote a book that took a deeper dive into romance—or lack thereof—in this modern and technology-obsessed age, and he produced and starred in a television series (also on Netflix) about many things, but love—finding it, nurturing it, and ultimately losing it anyway—was a definite theme. This week, animator Dilara Mundy animated a segment from a 2012 appearance Aziz made on Conan where he talked—yelled—to host Conan O’Brien about, you guessed it, dating.Plenty of people who give advice on getting hired will compare the recruitment process to dating.As dating and recruiting both move firmly onto the Internet, tips that are thrown out to people looking for online love can also apply to your job search.“Akerlof described this in the context of selling a used car,” according to Speakeasy.“He pointed out that people assume your car is a lemon unless there is a way to prove otherwise.” With that in mind, you need to make everything very clear before you go ahead and upload your credentials to a resume database.Do you have a particularly long gap in your employment history, for example?In the segment, both Aziz and Conan express frustration about how people -- young people—approach dating.

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There are similar concerns in play, from putting your best virtual foot forward to doing your due diligence on a potential partner (or, in this case, employer).

In this article, we’ll review some of the top online dating tips and turn them toward your job search.

Using Akerlof’s work for online dating and the job search is, as it turns out, a pretty good idea.

He wrote on the idea of “adverse selection,” which describes hidden information as being as important as what’s stated explicitly.

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“The dating world is a market,” as The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog points out, and so is the world of employment.

Here are some key points of advice that apply to both realms: At the WSJ’s Speakeasy blog, the author discusses the work of George Akerlof, who won a Nobel Prize in economics in 2001.

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