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04-Jun-2016 17:13

This though can cause huge heart ache and disappointment so just be aware of the mess you may get yourself into.Now I know a coworker who met her boyfriend online and they have been dating 3 months and they have met each other families' and the boyfriend is going to marry her but she wants to take it slow.Manny people (including myself) have been in love with "the one" even before knowing who he/she is.It is why people say I KNEW I LOVED YOU BEFORE I MET YOU. when u do finally meet the person and take the time to get to no another i believe u can fall in love with them all over again Two years ago i had boyfriend who took my number from friend of mine and we were messaging and talking for 5 months, then we have finally met and fell in love I believe it is possible to find right person on dating sites and you must be sure that person isn't faking all with some fake profile.

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So if you are looking to fall in love you will, even if it's just with an image or an idea of that person. I believe love happens only for those who are willing to accept it.I was in a online friendship for 3 years but we lived 4 hours away and that definitely does not work unless both parties are committed to making it work. We lived in different countries but we love each other.He came to meet me in person and we were engaged 3 days later while he was in my country. I was on yahoo messenger forum to just play around and chatting with friends. He did not speak my language but he was curious to go to that forum and he talked to me and he was surprised that I could speak English fluently while no one else in that forum could. I gave him my number without hesitate after 4 hours of chatting.

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We are both in US now and have lived happily together for 5 years already. The distance, language, culture barriers are not important if two persons both want a serious relationship. He called me the next day and my heart was melted by his warm voice.

We decided that we wanted to do hand writing letters like in the old day and it was so romantic.

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