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05-Feb-2016 15:14

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Putting one’s self out there as available for dating, always raises a risk of being rejected, and few of us find that to be a pleasant experience. Fear of falling for a persona rather than a person is high on the list of online dating fears. ” The fear of being made fun of, or considered a loser, is a strong reason that some folks fear online dating. Some of the free and low-cost sites are equally credible, and offer similar resources to the more expensive sites. It is a real risk, but, as with any other risk, it can be managed and minimized by taking care not to share information that can lead people to your bank or other financial instruments. Yes, there are unstable people and potential criminals that might use internet dating resources to find victims, but the same can be said for bars, coffee shops, churches, and introductions from acquaintances. “What if I meet someone online, make a connection and decide to pursue a relationship, only to find that we live too far apart for a practical relationship? I’ve saved this one for last, as it truly is a myth.

But, there is one area where I’m just like many of you…

and it’s an area you seem to have lots of fears, reservations and issues with: Online dating.

This week, instead of answering a bunch of questions, I thought I’d answer one main one by getting a little honest with you.

I know I’m the advice guru in these parts, and (forgive my lack of humility) I’m pretty great at helping others when it comes to love, life, work and family dilemmas.

It’s the same online as it is in any other dating realm. Are the people that I meet online who they say they are? This is a fear held by many, but it is not necessarily a real issue.

Some good, some not so good, some that are awful, and some that are just like you. Some of them are legitimate, as we’ve seen, and some are less so.