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PHONETIC DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE BY HERMANN MICHAELIS and DANIEL JONES. In the a group are included a: (as in 'alms'), a (first element of the diphthongs ai in 'aisle' and an in 'ow V), se (as in 'act') and a (as in 'ulster'). Bengal ben'ga:li, -z Bengali, -s 'bengaillait, -s bengal -light, -s beni'daisiti Benedicite beni'dikjan, -z benediction, -s 'benidikt, -8 benedict, -s 'benidikt ['benit] Benedict beni'diktain Benedictine (monk) beni'diktiin benedictine (liqueur) beni'dikta8 [-ta8] Benedictns beni'ftekjan, -z benefaction, -s 'benif8ekta*[beni'fs Bkta*],-zbene- f actor, s 'benifiektri8 [beni'fsektris] , -iz benefactress, -es 'benifls, -iz benefice, -a beni'fl Jlal, -ali, -9lni8 benefici|al, -ally, -alness Miohaelis & Jones, Phonetic Dictionary, beni'll/iari — best — 50 besti'seliti— bsan beiii'flj'iar|i, -iz beneficially, -ies 'beniflt, -s, -ig, -id benefit (a. 'berialgrannd, -z burial-gronnd, 'berialpleis, -iz burial-place, -s 'beriii|graund,-zburying-ground, -s 'beriigpleis, -iz burying-place, -s 'berik, -Jia* Berwick, -shire 'beril, -z beryl (B.), -a 'berig ['biarig, 'bearii|] Behring, Bering 'beriz 1) (v.) buries {from bury); 2) (s.) berries (from berry) 'berizfad [-isf-] Beresford Obes Bess besa'reibia [-bja] Bessarabia 'besi Bessie 'besima* Bessemer 'begiza5'ba:ii Besses o' th' Barn 'besnt Beaant best best (B.) besti'selitli, -iz bestialitly, -ies 'bestial [-tjal], -i, -izm bestial, -ly, -ism 'bestiarji [-tja-], -iz bestiarly, -ies Obet, -s, -ii), -id bet (s. ^ **' DERFFLINGERSTRASSE^ie^ VERLAG VON CARL MEYER (GUSTAV PRIOR). HEADMASTER OF THE 'MITTELSCHULE' in BIEBRICH, LECTURER 'ON PHONETICS AT UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, LONDON. To the e group we have assigned s (as in 'ail'), a: (as in 'earl') and a (as in 'allow'), and to the o group o: (as in 'all') and o (as in 'olive'). «.), -a, -ing, -ed, bent 'bendsa* = 'begga* Benger 'bendsamait, -8 Benjamite, -3 'bendsamin Benjamin be'nsariz [ba'n-] Benares 'benam Benham 'benandan Benenden ben'go:! 0'ber|i, -iz (s.) berr|y (B.), -ies 'ber|i, -izj -iig, -id (v.) bur|y (B.), -ies, -ymg, -ied 'beri'beri beriberi 'berids Berridge 'berial, -z burial, -s [■? The difference of sound quality between i: (as in 'eel') and i (as in 'ill') necessitated putting words containing these sounds in separate classes; so also with n: (as in 'ooee') and n (as in 'put'). English words containing the French nasalized vowels a, i, 5 (e. santiim 'centime', timbr 'timbre', 5mplaiei 'em- ployd') are placed among the words with o:, s, a respectively. In conclusion we desire to express our thanks to all those who have assisted us in the preparation of this dictionary. ^) Some writers use 1 for 'clear' 1 and J for 'dark' 1. Lautp of Tubingen for permission to reproduce the illustration of the Organs of Speech (frontispiece), and to our publisher for the care with which he has executed the work. v.) bell (B.), -s, -ing, -ed; 2) (s.) belle (B.), -s belail 1) Belleisle; 2) Belle Isle 'beldam, -z beldam(e), -s 'beldsam Belgium 'beldsan, -z Belgian, -s beldsik Belgic 'bela Bella bela'dana belladonna 'belami Bellamy 'belamnait, -s belemnite, -s 'belfa:st [bel'faist] Belfast 'belfannda*, -z bell-founder, -s 'belfr|i, -iz belfr|y, -ies bel'greid Belgrade bel'grei Yia [-tja], -n Belgravia,-n 'belliaei)3*, -z bell-hanger, -a 'bel|i, -izj -iii)j -id bell|y (s. A list of the 200 most important is given in a booklet entitled The Principles of the International Phonetic Association (obtainable from D. vowels which may be roughly classed as belonging to the types a, e, i, o, u. — IX — In order to avoid unnecessary complication in the trans- cription we have not indicated the special qualities of the short vowels as distinguished from the corresponding long ones (see p. Nor has it been considered necessary to distinguish by special signs the two varieties of I'J (see p. We think that the continued repetition of these forms in this dictionary will impress them indelibly on the mind of any foreigner who will use the book systematically for a few days. Lastly we have to acknowledge our indebtedness to Messrs. -s bedpoat, -s 'bedridn oed-ridden 'bedrak, -s bedrock, -a 'bedru'm, -z bedroom, -s 'bedsaid, -z bedside, -a 'bedspred, -z bedspread, -s 'bedsted [-stld], -z bedstead, -s 'bedtalm bedtime 'bedtlk, -s bedtick, -s 'bedtjelmba*, -z bedchamber, -s 'bedul'n, -z Bedouin, -s 'bedwad, -z bedward, -s 'bedwal [-wel] Bedwell bedz l)Beds; 2) beds (/Vow bed) O'beg, -z, -Ig, -d beg, -s -ging, -ged 'bega*, -z beggar, -s 'begaljl, -Inis beggarl|y, -iness 'begari — 'belouz 49 be'Iok— beni'fljal 'begari beggary 'begin (be'gin), -z Beguine, -s begz 1) Beggs; 2) begs (from beg) Obek, -8 1) beck (B.), -s; 2) Becke 'bek|9ii, -anz, -ani;) [-i^ii|], -»nd beck] on, -ons, -oning, -oned 'bekanzflild ['bi:-, -nsf-j Beacons- field 'beki Becky bekit Becket(t) bekju'ainaltend [-jn'sen-] Bechu- analand bekli Beckley 'beklz 1) Beccles; 2) Beckles 'bekn, etc. 'bek^am [-knam] Beckenham 'beks'hil Bexhill 'beksli Bexley 'bekstain, -z Bechsteiu, -s 'bektan Beokton 'bekwie Beckwith Obel, -z, -ii), -d 1) (s. As it was not possible to arrange the whole of the vowels in a logically correct order depending ^) This system is used in several hundred books. - VIII - on their formation, we have arranged them in 5 groups, viz. The student will learn, for instance, that there are many adjectives which admit of a superlative but not a comparative (e. are rarely realized or properly practised by foreigners, in spite of the rules which can be laid down for their guid- ance. Weeks of Columbia University, New York, for information regarding the pronunciation of various American names, and to numerous other friends to whom we referred for the pronunciation of individual words. He revised the whole of it with the utmost care, and supplied us with valuable notes on the pronunciation of thousands of words. v.), -a, -ding, -ded 'bedfelon, -z bedfellow, -s 'bedfad, -J"ia* Bedford, -shire 'bedlg bedding (s.) 'bedklon Sz bed-clothes 'bedlam, -alt, -alts Bedlam, -ite, -itea 'bedmeika*, -z bedmaker, -a 'bedplelt, -s bedplate, -s 'bedpoust. A list of symbols employed with their values is given on p. See also the 'Brief Description of English Pronunciation', p. Further information with regard to the formation of the sounds will be found in the books on phonetic theory mentioned on p. The fixing of a satisfactory alphabetical order of the sounds was a matter of no small difficulty, particularly in the case of the vowels. These inflected forms are not given in full in most other dictionaries, but their inclusion will be found to bring out several points of interest to the language student. Again, the distinctions between the inflected forms in fil, -z, -ill, -d fij, -iz, -ig, -t fit, -s, -ii), -id etc. Noel-Abmfibld, Assistant Lecturer on Phonetics at University College, London, for an immense amount of help in the preparation of the manuscript. Batey 'beitman Bateman 'beit'nwa:* [-nwa:*] (bsit'nwair), -z b Ste-noir, -s 'beitrl:, -z bay-tree, -a belts 1) batea (B.); 2) baita 'beltsn Bates Qn belt J" Bache O'bel Oas bathos O'bel'wlndon, -z bay-window, -a O beiz 1) baize; 2) bays; 3) Beys 'beizigstouk Basingstoke • bed, -z, -ig, -Id bed (s.

Further, the fact that so many speakers make a difference in sound between simple e (as in 'ell') and the first element of the diphthong ei (as in 'ale') rendered it desirable to treat the words containing ei as a separate class, and place ei before simple e in the ailphabetical order. In particular we acknowledge with gratitude much help from Pkop. At the outset he furnished us with many excellent suggestions regarding the plan of the work; he was also kind enough to revise the greater part of the manuscript, making innumerable corrections and suggestions ') Some writers indicate these differences by using special symbols (I, U, etc.) or diacritical marks (e. v.), -ies, -ying, -ied 'belibsend, -z belly-band, -s be'lidsarant, -s belligerent, -s 'belikons, -li bellicose, -ly 'belindsam Bellingham 'beljn: Bellew bel'leta* (bsl'lstr) belles-lettres 'bel|man, -01311 bell{ma D, -men 'belmetl bell-metal 'belmant [-mant] Belmont 'belon, -z, -ig, -d bellow, -s -ing, -ed 'belonz bellows be'lok Belloc 'belriga*, -z bell-ringer, -s 'belronp, -s be U-rope, -s 'belstid Belstead belj", efc. bel'/s Bza* Belshazzar 'beljeipt bell-shaped 'belja* Belcher 'bel Xam Belsham 'beljo: Belshaw belt, -s, -id belt (B.), -s, -ed 'beltaua*. It is hoped that this work may also prove useful to students of linguistic science in general. v.) butt (B.), -s, -ing, -ed 'b At'end, -z butt-end, -s 'b Ata*, -z, -rig, -d butter (s. *) In spite of the fact that the form 'oftan is described as vulgar in the Concise Oxford Dictionary. the process which brought about the distinctions between ikg'plein 'explain' and eksple'tteijaii 'explanation', ig'zibit 'exhibit' and eksi'bi/an 'exhibition, etc. - VII — This dictionary is intended further for use in connexion with the practical study of English. This form of pronunciation is chosen not because it is intrinsically superior to any other, but because it is that generally found most useful by those studying the English language. v.), -es, -ing, -ed 'b Atnhnk, -s button-hook, -s 'b Atris, "iz buttress, -es O'b Avi Bovey O b AZ, -iz, -ig, -d buzz (s. Such are the comparative frequency of sounds, rules of pronunciation depending on the positions of sounds relatively to other sounds, various processes of derivation^), distinctions of sense corresj)onding to distinctions of pronun- ' elation not shown in the ordinary spelling*). the distinction between the adjectives a'pronpriit 'appropriate', 'seprit 'separate', etc., and the verbs a'prouprieit, 'separeit, etc., and between the nouns 'kamplimant 'compliment' iks'perimant 'experiment', etc., and the verbs 'kompliment, iks- 'periment, etc. A person hearing a word for the first time, and being in doubt as to how it should be spelt, may as- certain the current spelling by looking it out in the phonetic dictionary. A person meeting with an unfamiliar word in a phonetic text may ascertain its current spelling by reference to the phonetic dictionary. The pronundaiion represented is that generally used by persons of culture in the South of England. v.), -ons, -oning, -oned 'b Atnhonl, -z, -ig, -d button-hole (s.

Now, however, many important questions relating to English linguistic science can be studied with far greater ease. A foreigner, for instance, may learn much by simply reading down the lists of words beginning with, say, j- or rai-. adj.), -iea 'b Atari'ha Bt J", -iz buttery-hatch, -es 'b Atarik 1) Butterick; 2) Butter- 'b Atawa'6 Butterworth [wick 'b Atawik Butterwick 'b Atla*, -z butler (B.), -a 'b Atlarids butlerage 'b At|n,-nz, -igiig [-nig], -nd butt|on (s.

Hitherto such students have been greatly hampered by the current orthography of many languages. v.), -a, -ing, -ed 'b Atabout, -s butter-boat, -a 'b Ataflild Butterfield 'b Atailggaz butter-flngera 'b Atafl|ai, -aiz buttei3|y, -ies 'b Atak, -z buttock, -a 'b Atak Ap, -s buttercup, -s 'b Atali Butterleigh, -ley 'b Atamilk buttermilk 'b Ata skat J butterscotch 'b Atarji, -iz butter|y (s.