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24/02/13If you create a new user, give them a mailbox, and they seemingly fail to appear then don’t panic! If you receive an error message then you can investigate further (Note: Set your Outlook client to send you a delivery report on the test email as well).After the usual OAB update period had passed they were no longer appearing under the old or new name, though they appeared in the GAL itself when searched via OWA or an online Outlook client.Looking into it I found some warnings on the mailbox server that was responsible for generating the offline address book.In any case turning up the diagnostic logging should result in event log entries that tell you why the issue is occurring.When you’re finished you can turn down the diagnostic logging again.

I worked on a case recently where one particular user was not appearing in the offline address book in an Exchange 2010 organization.This person had recently changed their name and the user account and Exchange details were updated with the new name.