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20-Oct-2015 02:11

News of his election swept the country, but what was it like at home?Stu has always been Stu I have known him since I was a small child., The Guardian They’re Here, They’re Genderqueer, Get Used to Gender Neutral Pronouns, JSTOR Daily Sweden Is about to Add a Gender Neutral Pronoun to Its Official Dictionary, Washington Post He, or She, or Hen, NPR Sweden Adds Gender Neutral Pronoun to Dictionary, The Guardian Mx.Reporter Aaron Scott brings us the story of Stu Rasmussen, of Silverton, Oregon, an avid metalworker, woodworker, and electrician - and in 2008 our country's first transgendered mayor.Gender Neutral Pronouns, Washington Post Can They Be Accepted as a Singular Pronoun?, Wall Street Journal A University Recognizes a Third Gender Neutral, New York Times Is it Time We Agreed on a Gender Neutral Singular Pronoun?Stu is clearly a person who is leaving all of his options open and has enormous creativity and an adventurous spirit, but I wanted you all to know that using male pronouns isn't insulting Stu or ignoring his identity.

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If you known about Streetwalkers, besides the media (movie: 'Pretty Woman' was unreal) you can sympathise that they are living a broken life and would not choose to be there. Not that Street walker should be comparted to the N-word.

He has always been part of out community and his choice to change himself to look as he feels hurts no one and is supported by Silvertonians. To clarify for those who are well intentioned and are correcting the gender terminology for Stu: Stu uses male pronouns and has kept his original name.

He has explained to me that he identifies as a transgender person but not fully as a woman.

I personly find it very offensive when a smaller group of people with a limited abiltlity to be tolerant of other people personal challenges, ideals, and attempts to adapt, who express them selfs as 'haters', get labled by a larger group they claimed to be representative of.

It just that these words are used to 'de-humanize' people.And just to be clear 'slur's are used to hurt and 'de-humanize' anyone, not just minorities.

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