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An example is distributing survey questionnaires at a meeting of a local beekeeping association or at a beekeepers' convention.However these people may not be representative of the whole target population of beekeepers, for example due to local weather conditions in the first case, or the fact that attendees at a convention may be real enthusiasts whose bee husbandry practices are not typical of the general beekeeping population.The main difficulty with this is the subjective choice of participants.Non-random sampling, is any other kind of sampling.Such methods are often used for speed and convenience, and also they do not require a sampling frame.Using judgemental sampling leads to a serious risk of badly biased like stratified sampling in that stratification factors are identified which are thought to be relevant to the survey, but instead of sampling randomly the participants to come from each stratum, the survey samplers themselves choose the people subjectively from each stratum until sufficient people have been chosen and have responded.Their big disadvantage is that sampling error cannot reliably be quantified, as the sampling properties of any estimators used are not known (since the probability of choosing any one individual or sample cannot be determined).

In some countries, such as Algeria, the most effective method in terms of response rates is a face-to-face survey in the beekeeper’s home or at meetings of beekeepers’ associations or co-operatives, as using mailed surveys produces an extremely low response.

In Slovakia, it is also reported that the only method which works well is to disseminate questionnaires at meetings, as data collection via emails, web pages and journals has very low rates of return.