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After Haruka found Twilight playing the violin, she became interested in playing one too. He's a professional luthier, someone who makes or repairs string instruments, and Minami's violin instructor. His dream is "the desire to show the next generation how wonderful the violin is".Shut trapped him inside a cage of despair and used his dream to summon a Zetsuborg.The girls transformed into Pretty Cure and purified the Zetsuborg with Trinity Lumiere, restoring his dream.He recognized his crown in the drawing and took Haruka and Towa to his shop, where Kanata was staying.Nishikido revealed he found Kanata collapsed at the beach, without any memories.

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When they arrived there, Nishikido was impressed by Haruka's determination and granted her permission to pick one of the violins that he built. Shut and Twilight appeared before him while he was judging Haruka's melody.He gave him one of his violins too and offered his help if Kanata gets in trouble again.If looking into the Japanese music industry is like peering through a frosted glass shower door, attempting to crack Johnny’s Entertainment is like trying to see what’s inside a black hole. A young Justin Bieber fan searching the Internet for live performances would probably be somewhat confused if she stumbled across the video of Bieber performing “All Around the World” and “Boyfriend” on the long-running Japanese television show, SMAP x SMAP.Not only was Bieber accompanied by five men in their very late 30s, but the camera spent as much time—if not more—on highlighting the older men on the stage as it did on the teen idol.

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He treated his wounds and let Kanata stay at his shop.In episode 40, Nishikido happily heard Kanata's song after he regained his memories.