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You can also take contraceptive pills even if you don't have a husband or boyfriend because it is therapeutic.:) It will help you a lot with your acne issues (for acne you need to take the pills for at least three months before you see the result/improvement) and menstrual irregularities. NOTE: DON'T forget to visit your OB-GYN for pap smear every after 6 months. I tried some brands of contraceptive pills before like TRUST pills. Three months ago, I started taking contraceptive pills again because of the irregularity of my period and the fibroids in my ovary.My OB told me to take contraceptive pill which is anti-androgen to prevent from increasing the number of fibroids... You can start taking on the first day of your period or anytime you want BUT be sure that you are not pregnant before taking your first pill.PROS: * decrease popping out of pimples ^^ * regulate menstrual period * prevent the feeling of being bloated * lightens the brown patches on my skin * helps your skin become smooth and fresh * loose weight (for me) * remove unwanted facial hair * cheaper than Diane pills * available in local drug stores * enlarge your boobies (this is pro for me! hahaha) CONS: * headache during the first week of taking the pills * moody I hope those information will help you if you are planning to take contraceptive pills. After taking the 21st pill you have 7 pill-free days.On the 8th day you have to start taking the next pack. Half the price of some Contraceptive Pills which has the same effects.

You have to be more conscious not only with your appearance but with your health,too. So, we should be more watchful when it comes to our health. :( I admit I was not that health conscious before but, after I was diagnosed of having four super small fibroids ( I forgot the sizes) I became more aware with regards to my health. For now, I want to have a review about ALTHEA CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS. Sadly, I gained much weight, that's the side effect to me so I decided to stop...The most important consideration when selecting a dating site is its size: you want access to a large number of people.This ensures that you get the maximum value for your subscription fee, if any, and the time and effort spent in learning to use the site-you can contact a lot of people quickly and efficiently.You should be realistic and not expect to find the love of your life or get "hooked up" right away after you sign-up for a dating site and start meeting new people-it will probably be least a few months before you get comfortable with meeting people online.

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We have used our order flow and have access to industry data in coming up with these recommendations.Please note that a dating profile written by us can be used in any and all of these sites (paid sites and free sites).

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