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23-Feb-2016 23:51

You'll have eagerly read the new features for career mode. Now it's time to see who the top ten ranked players in FIFA 16 are. You can see which teams have the most players in the top 50 here and check out the top 20 below: Bayern Munich lead the way on FIFA 16 with nine players in the top 50.

There will be arguments and there will be debates... The German club have the likes of Manuel Neuer and Arjen Robben in a list of the game’s top 50 players.

It will of course then be joined by the latest iteration of Pro Evolution Soccer, its eternal rival-come-bedfellow.Everyone’s favourite wannabe vampire clocks in at three. Well, Neuer is only a keeper in the strictest sense, preferring to wander out and playmake whenever he can.He won he Ballon D’Or but gets ousted out by EA Sports this year.Still, a rating of 93 will surely destroy most defences in the game, so Ronny fans shouldn’t get too down-hearted.

In the name of nostalgia, we’ve put together a quiz with ten of the worst (slash best) player likenesses from the past for your enjoyment (slash horror). he’s just bloody good at football, so it makes sense that he’s bloody good on FIFA 16 as well.Annoying people all around the world will be playing the ball to him on EVERY DAMN ATTACK and trying to dribble past your feeble defence to score.