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However, there are rare occasions that might result in selling more than that.

This can be due to your place in society for instance. You might have never sold before, but you have a friend move back East.

You want to diversify your hook ups, until you find one superb hook up. The more loyal you are to that one super hook up, the more loyal they will be in return.

I know marijuana dealers that have been going through the same single hook up for well over a decade. I previously mentioned that buying a half ounce and breaking it up is the most common entry point to the marijuana industry.

Inevitably, they want some of the West Coast Chronic because there isn’t any where they live now. This is a good point to discuss selling style — Bulk vs. The fastest way to make money selling marijuana is to sell it in bulk.

If you know someone that wants pounds, and you can make hundreds of dollars off of each pound, well it doesn’t take a genius to figure out you can make a killing in just one run.

You want to find the right balance between loyal, trustworthy customers that will buy a lot of marijuana, and not selling to too many people, which can cause you to get jacked or busted. Some things to remember when you are purchasing larger amounts than personal use; never settle for a bad hook up, realize that finding bulk sellers is much harder the higher you go up the chain, and try to get as close to the source as possible.

For that last tip, remember that you can buy direct from the grower, but most growers don’t have it all the time.

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When you sell in bulk, you make more money in that one transaction.However, with the increased profits, there is also an increased risk.