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The independent constitution of Burma created a Shan State and granted it the right to secede after ten years.Many Shans, including pro-democracy Sao-Phas, became disillusioned with being part of the Union of Burma.PRONUNCIATION: SHAHNS LOCATION: Myanmar (Shan Plateau); India; China; Laos; Thailand; northern Vietnam POPULATION: 4 million (estimate) LANGUAGE: Shan; Chinese; Burmese RELIGION: Buddhism, with elements of animism A people known as the Tai have long inhabited a vast area of Asia, including Thailand, Laos, and northeastern Myanmar.The name for the Tai ethnic group of Myanmar is "Shan." The Shans migrated into Myanmar from China, to the north, many centuries ago, and settled in the valleys.With time, the Sao-Phas became more educated and more willing to work together, and in the 1920s they formed the Federated Shan States.

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They established kingdoms and expanded their territory, often in conflict with other ethnic groups such as the Burmese (Burman).

From the fifteenth century on, the Shan Plateau was their main homeland.

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