My girlfriend is dating other guys

30-Jun-2015 04:43

Everyone is different and everyone wants different things, and this is as true for women as it is for men.However, unlike in the past where women were forced to get married at a very young age to a man picked out for them by their father or guardian, and regardless of whether the guy was cruel, lazy or a bad husband, she was stuck with him for life.The question is: Is she giving you other reasons to question her loyalty to you, or are you simply feeling jealous and insecure?Just because your girlfriend is looking at other guys, it doesn’t have to mean anything more than the fact that she’s a healthy, hot-blooded woman. It’s normal and healthy for a man and a woman in a relationship to have interests and friends apart from each other.If you’re saying, “My girlfriend looks at other guys”, you’re probably like a lot of guys who have a very set idea about what a relationship should be like.However, the truth is, we’re all different and we all want different things when it comes to relationships.

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Then there are those who want to have many relationships with many women throughout their life, and finally there are even those who aren’t sure what they want.There’s no right or wrong when it comes to what people want from a relationship.For example: Some guys want to get married to one woman for life.Others want to stay with one woman for life without getting married.

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However, if her “looking” includes any of the following warning signs, it could mean that she’s losing interest in being in a relationship with you and is looking for another guy. You don’t want to be living in each other’s pockets, so if your girlfriend goes out occasionally to a girlfriend’s house, or to a coffee shop, etc., there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, if your girlfriend insists on going out alone, especially to clubs, bars or parties, and especially with other single women, her looking at other guys is not as innocent as she may be pretending.