Muslim women and dating

07-Jul-2016 22:12

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Hence, they lose interest and gets interested with other guys. Hello, as long as we do not respect women (irrespective of their religious backgrounds) and allow them to enjoy the same freedom that we all enjoy, and understand that they are equal human beings like anybody else; oppressed women should take courage to fight and walk through the dark tunnel towards the light. All women must be respected and because of their biological difference must be protected.

Otherwise they are equal to men, they are very competitive and intellectuals too.

The answer is simple...because they get treated with respect as a lady should.

Muslim men put women lower than dogs and treat them terribly.

Having multiplr wives, men only look to them for reproductive purposes. Muslim women who read this should date Christian men because we treat women with love, kindness, respect and appreciation. Islam is a revised verion of the Jewish Law and the Koran tells them that the Law was given to Moses so why read anything other than the Bible anyways!!

You know, basic common sense on how everyone should be treated and O yeah, Christianity is the trith and the Jesus in the Bible is not the same as the Jesus of the Koran who didn't die on the cross amd isn't given the honorable title of... you are muslim girls attracted to non be the girl who attracted are very very few.

They does not open the quaraan or does not knw abt islam. Many hindu and christain girls attracted to muslim boys bcoz of their discipline,neatness.truth etc. Since I was little my mum has always encouraged to find a man that 'loves me truly' regardless of faith. Now my dad is also muslim-my mum has always told me that ever since they got married all my father has ever done is mistreat her.

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We have great women Ministers, PMs, Presidents, Doctors, Scientists, Astronauts, So why not.them freedom to think and act freely they way they like.

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