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02-Jul-2016 15:55

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Other paths to files should be set according to your configuration, using a file you should indicate where it is located.

In one terminal window, open the snap daemon (in this case with logging set to 1, trust disabled): { "version": 1, "schedule": { "type": "simple", "interval": "5s" }, "workflow": { "collect": { "metrics": { "/intel/procfs/filesystem/*/space_free": {}, "/intel/procfs/filesystem/*/space_reserved": {}, "/intel/procfs/filesystem/*/inodes_percent_free": {}, "/intel/procfs/filesystem/*/inodes_percent_used": {}, "/intel/procfs/filesystem/*/device_name": {}, "/intel/procfs/filesystem/*/inodes_used": {} }, "config": { "/intel/procfs/filesystem": { "proc_path": "/proc", "keep_original_mountpoint": true, "excluded_fs_names": "/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc,/var/lib/docker/aufs", "excluded_fs_types": "proc,binfmt_misc,fuse.gvfsd-fuse,sysfs,cgroup,fusectl,pstore,debugfs,securityfs,devpts,mqueue,hugetlbfs,nsfs,rpc_pipefs,devtmpfs,none,tmpfs,aufs" } }, "process": null, "publish": [ { "plugin_name": "file", "config": { "file": "/tmp/published_df.log" } } ] } } } There isn't a current roadmap for this plugin, but it is in active development.

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Before you can use mail tracking data for tracking or reports, data must be collected in the Mail Tracking Store database (MTSTORE. First, message tracking is not directly related to the Reports server task or Stats and Events (statrep.nsf, etc).The process that controls message tracking is MTC (a server task spawned from the ROUTER task), which is enabled in the Configuration Settings document.