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15-Dec-2015 06:01

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Like every proud sister ever, Kylie was majorly embarrassing when it came time for Kendall to take on the Alexander Wang catwalk.When Kenny sauntered past Kylie's seat, Ky screamed her head off, and because Ken is a total professional, she didn't even crack a smile. The most exciting week in fashion is upon us and along with New York editors and bloggers, celebs are upping their style game for exclusive Fashion Week events.Kylie Jenner, chic AF style icon, has been sitting front row at a bunch of designer shows (duh), but her calm, cool, collected demeanor doesn't apply when her big sis is walking the runway.That heartache can make them act “crazy” as well, leading to them doing some seriously embarrassing things that they would rather not discuss.Feeling so broken hearted can make you do things that you would never normally even think about doing. If you survive the end of a relationship without doing something stupid or mean-spirited, . I’ve even bought a How To Get Your Boyfriend Back program online, which I do NOT recommend.

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Why did I want to get someone back who didn’t want to be with me?!From stalking exes online to trying to sleep with their best friends, I’ve done it all.