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03-Apr-2016 05:15

When you do, you'll gain access to our powerful matchmaking tools.You'll be able to browse through profiles of other Air Force singles, as well as search for specific members.The dating singles who make up our community are either in the Air Force or admire the people who are part of this arm of the military.Either way, whether they be Air Force pilots or airmen or women, they understand what it takes to live your lifestyle and have the traits and passions you're looking for in a partner.Building meaningful connections can make your rewarding role as a member of the Air Force even better.

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You can send winks to other members you'd like to get to know, as well as exchange messages through email.

Finding your true Air Force match allows you to partner with someone who supports your lifestyle and shares the same goals and interests that you have.

This makes it easy to build a rewarding, exciting, and long-lasting partnership.

Joining the United States Air Force requires a taste for adventure and a willingness to serve your country.

Find a mate with these same traits by using our network of Air Force Singles.