Microsoft dns ptr records not updating lesbain dating site

22-Jan-2015 08:57

Basically, DDNS, in conjunction with DHCP and Active Directory, can provide secure dynamic updates for your A and PTR records in DNS.

As you can see by the Properties sheet shown in Figure A, you have a number of options to consider when configuring DHCP for dynamic updates.

Choose the WINS tab and enter the IP address of your WINS server.

To access this menu and configure DHCP for dynamic updates: If you select Active Directory-Integrated, you can choose Secure only from the Dynamic Updates drop-down list.

If AD is not running, your choice is simply Yes or No to allow dynamic updates.

In addition to configuring DDNS, you can configure your DNS server to use WINS for name resolution.

To perform this function, open the DNS console, right-click on your forward lookup zone, and select Properties (Figure D).