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Drivers must not have citations or violations for DUI, drugs, hit and runs, reckless driving, fatal accidents, violent crimes, sexual offenses, gun-related crimes, or resisting or evading arrest.

Within the past three years, Uber drivers must not have been cited for driving without insurance or driving on a suspended license, according to the driver screening page on Uber's website.

"These guys get around background checks, fingerprinting, licensing," council member Paul Hinterlong said.

"We reached out to them, and they weren't interested in anything we had to offer." Another council member says the city shouldn't crack down on Uber.

Guidelines: Keep it civil and on topic; no profanity, vulgarity, slurs or personal attacks.

"Now isn't the time to express opposition to this because we don't know enough about it," Fieseler said. While Uber does not currently have to follow requirements for safety, insurance or licensing often imposed on the taxi industry, Altmin said safety is a top priority and the company always is striving to improve its safety standards.

Uber drivers must go through a background check that searches county, federal and multistate records dating back seven years.

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Using a smartphone app to find a ride is a "generational thing" among twentysomethings, council member Judith Brodhead says, so ticketing those who give rides is not the way to go. City Attorney Jill Wilger said a state bill that would establish ride-sharing regulations is being prepared for a potential override of Gov. Some, like council member Steve Chirico, say ride-sharing services are best regulated at the state level because "you can't have laws that change every time you pass a city line." Naperville police Chief Robert Marshall said officers can ticket Uber drivers for operating without a taxi license, and they could even use the app to set up a ride just to give out a ticket -- without it being considered entrapment."I would really not suggest starting to cite Uber drivers," she said. "We can enforce that because they're unlicensed, and they shouldn't be operating in Naperville," Marshall said.