Mcafee updating agent causing errors

24-Jan-2015 21:26

A distributed repository is a source for update files in your environment that can be deployed for load balancing, to configure specific update sites for network segments, or to simply avoid all machines in an environment updating directly from the e PO server.

Below are a few Super Agent best practices and troubleshooting tips from Mc Afee Support Engineers.

It is separate from e PO to ensure you can set up more than one in your environment for failover, local access by managed systems, and load balancing.

A Super Agent’s most helpful and commonly-used functionality is to serve as a distributed repository.

For information on how to do this, see KB55654 — Use Lazy Caching to Replicate Files from the e PO Server's Master Repository There are two methods for replicating files from the e PO server’s master repository to the Super Agent repository — normal replication tasks and Lazy Caching.

Mc Afee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) enables adaptive threat prevention by sharing relevant security data across endpoints, gateways, and other security products.

Data sharing allows these products to operate as a unified threat defense system, exchanging and acting on collective threat intelligence.

Avoid applying a Super Agent policy to all systems Applying the Super Agent policy to all systems can lead to network and server performance issues.Instead, ensure that a separate Super Agent policy is created and only assigned to specific endpoints.

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