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Once you have done this, you should be able to log into the game. I did not receive the registration confirmation e-mail. Alternatively, you can put our e-mail address on your whitelist so that the confirmation e-mail can be properly delivered to your inbox.

You can request another password to be sent to you by using this link while not logged in. There will be no charge to download and play any game.

I Aisha and mum to 5 children i would love to chat to you email me to [email protected] I will pass you my number by the way I live in Birmingham Look forward to hearing from you Aisha x Hello im in hull!

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If you are under that age, and wish to play our games, a parent (or guardian) may create an account, and allow you to use it under their supervision. If you are under 18 you should consult with your parent (or guardian) before playing such games. Does Aeria have any mature content on their website? At this time Aeria does not have any mature content available on our website.