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17-Sep-2015 16:39

I know I haven't been blogging here very much lately, as I haven't paid my server fees and was denied access to do anything here for quite long time while I got some money into my American account.The thing is that Type Pad didn't accept Pay Pal for quite a long time and since I don't keep up with such things, I'm not sure when that of the service but apparently they did.Now, this is something I'm fully prepared to do and have been wranglin an academic paper together, but realize that if I ever want to be accepted in American academia, I'm going to need a book published at a top-tier academic press.Now, since I'm in South Korea and have been an avid and active photographer/documenter of society, I have been trying to turn this my apparent liability -- having spent the last 10 years pursuing photography and fashion and trying to use that to make commentaries on Korean society, which would seemingly be an esoteric pursuit, but academia is all about esoteric pursuits --so I've been hawking myself as a visual sociologist who is using Visual data to make sense of Korean society in a cultural studies context.But this isn't to say I can't continue blogging on other platforms which come into existence in the meantime.Since I'm happy to report–to those of you who aren't following me or friends with me on Facebook and already know this–that since I've finished my Ph D, I can take my writing and research interests into purely academic directions.If I could do it all over again, I'd be on Word or something else, but not a custom Word Press install, Since the technical skills required to keep one's word press blog up and running without getting hacked or taken over by worm, what happens to my blog, is easily enough to make this hobby no longer fun.But I've gotten a lot of benefit from having a blog and this particular one has gotten much Google love, Which is why I keep this one paid up with great reluctance about once a year.

My first two year contract at my new university requires that I basically publish one Academic article per semester in an international Journal, upon pain of not being rehired.

If I could go back in a time machine, I wouldn't be doing my blog on Type Pad.

But I'm grandfathered into this dumb service since I first started blogging back in, I believe, 2003, when it was a very different Inter web world.

I think I have an advantage here: back in 2002, who gave two craps about South Korea outside of the context of developmental studies or economics?

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The Last time I have this problem around this time last year, it had to do with the fact that they didn't accept Pay Pal and I hardly actually put physical cash into my Bank of America account anymore.

So I just waited until I had some reason to put actual cash into my American account to get the virtual boot taking off my blog.

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