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22-Mar-2016 18:50

She used to cuddle Kelly like she was now all the time. " Kelly again shook her head no and burried her head into her mother. Her mother suddenly noticed her leg was getting warm.

She realized that she had Kelly's diaper sitting on it and that she was wetting it. Jessica was trainee managing director, she had been in the position for two whole years, waiting for the chance where she could take that final step up to Managing Director.

She thought she would be finished soon but she kept going. Kelly knew it too and Promoted Part 1 A stork Story Jessica was having the best afternoon of her life as she sat at her desk. Now with the managing director expecting a child, maternity leave would surely see Jessica step up to fill Moira's rather impressive shoes of running the soliciting firm.

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She couldn't believe it, Moira was actually having a baby. 1Babysitting the Babysitter Chapter 1By dsguy XIt was a sunny afternoon at Maple Creek and Lindsey was saying goodbye to her mother.“And remember, make sure Emma is at bed by nine,” her mother said.“Don’t worry,” Lindsey said, “I’ll be able to handle things from here for the weekend.“Okay,” her mother replied, “Be sure to call me and your father at the resort if you need anything.”Lindsey watched as her parents went into their car and drove off.

She saw them make a right turn and they were soon out of sight.“Now to have some fun,” Lindsey said to herself.

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