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In any/all cases, just make sure that what 6you've uploaded has no restrictions e.g. Feel free to post your pictures and stories, ask your questions, etc. With new member Matt Fraser's kind permission he has allowed me to share these pictures of his rare and lovely DT-30 with you. Though produced for a number of years in the '70's, the DT-30 is one of the rarest and most beautiful of all Sigma's.a private album, and the rest of us will be able to view it. And IIRC, replaced the DT-22 as the top dog Chestnut Sigma's.We're up to 466 Sigma fans from around the world!! IIRC I paid 0 for it including a cheaper blowmolded HSC. Since it was not completely original when I got it, and the factory tuners left something to be desired even when they were new (11:1 ratio and cranky.It had clearly been played throughout its life but it was also not abused and was in reasonable condition. Crankier by the time she came to me) I immediately decided to install better ones.Přečtěte si další informace, mimo jiné i to, jaké máte možnosti: zásady používání souborů cookie. Then reply to your own post and add another picture, and so on.... It might take a minute to load, but if you wait until it's done will usually offer an album cover photo to get us all started. As with any personal page, or newsfeed page in FB you are allowed to upload short videos.A complaint I get a lot but am unable to correct or do anything about is that as members you all can only post one picture at a time. Then we can click the link to view the rest of the album and/or any text/captioning you have added to the individual pictures. Or to again, you could upload your vid to You and post the link (copy and paste) here.(For those that may be interested, there is an entire photo album documenting the before and after as well as the work in the "photosalbums" section of this page.) The frets had also seen some wear and I knew it would need between 3 and 5 new ones.Since I don't have the proper tools or experience for that work, I took it to a shop here in Austin for those repairs and setup.

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Well folks, it's a new week and another *12* Likes!! And of course as always, please feel free to post your pictures, videos and stories. The quality in materials and workmanship shows through even forty years later. My second favorite Sigma, not to be confused with the second Sigma I've ever owned, is this 52SDR-9 I bought in 2012 from an e Bay seller.I LOVE the way they used contrasting woods on the back of these 9's, compared to the usual complimenting wood for the center strip.