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Third comes your tan military dependent ID card taking up space in your wallet.Here are the five things you need to know in order to get a military ID card as a newlywed. Your service member should ask his command for instructions concerning his particular location. In order to get a military ID card, you will need your photo ID, social security card, birth certificate and wedding license.

At the office, the service member completes Form 1172-2. After the forms are filled out, the RAPIDS worker takes your picture on site and makes your ID to take home with you. Replacing a military ID is not as simple as getting online and getting your current driver's license replaced. Your service member may have to repeat the process with you in person.

Instructions for filling out the form can be found here. Once the RAPIDS worker verifies and processes your paperwork so that you are duly enrolled in DEERS, your service member fills out DD Form 1173 for Dependents of Active Duty Members or 1173-1 for Dependents of Guard and Reserve. See our Military Dependent ID Cards page for more details. A letter from your husband's commander may be required or a visit to the base security office.