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As a result, we are matching hundreds of thousands of people every day, in over 200 countries and in 38 languages. On the surface the LP is a breakup record, but it's more accurate to describe this as a sonic journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.While most female acts are torn apart by solo ambitions, the Little Mix ladies are going stronger than ever after three albums together and seem keen to keep it that way.Go on that journey with us via the 23 best lyrics from No, I don't want to be afraid, afraid to die I just wanna be able to say that I have lived my Oh, all these things that humans do To leave behind a little proof But the only thing that doesn't die is love In an industry that often pits women against each other, but here are 22 pairs of musician BFFs who understand the importance of solidarity.Celebrate International Women's Day with these unbreakable gal pals The reigning females in their respective fields, Bey and Nick have not only stick together musically (like on "Feelin' Myself" or their "***Flawless" remix), but frequently go on double dates and share love advice. Undoubtedly the lyrics—100 percent written by the Welsh singer.It's not a straightforward quest, with Marina spilling loads of self-depreciating sentiments, quirky metaphors and harsh truths.Twoo is committed to bringing you in touch with real people, marking profiles that are verified with custom badges.

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Selena and Taylor may have met through their Jonas Brother exes (Nick and Joe, respectively,) but BFFs this tight can't be defined by any number of notable ex-boyfriends (of which these two certainly have a few.) Their support for each other prevails through heartbreak, crazy careers, and evidently, goofing off in 3D glasses.

Seemingly put together by the heavens, you'd be hard-pressed to find a girl group that gets along better and seems more in-sync than LM.

Marina's no stranger to keeping it real—a huge reason why she's collected such a global fanbase of "Diamonds"—but feels like a woman truly accepting who and where she is, and making the best life possible.

The sentiment shines on tracks like "Immortal" and "Happy," but there's a long, twisted, sometimes-dark road to get to that hopeful, higher state of thought.

While Kesha battles against her producer and record label for freedom, Lady Gaga has been her most vocal supporter and strongest ally.

Gaga has been giving Kesha shoutouts in interviews and spending time with her like a good gal pal does.