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The award-nominating show has made her a favorite among young and adult followers.“When we first started, we had a bunch of angry Christians and other highly religious people because they think that we're going to be turning America gay. We're just trying to show people what'' going on in everyday life. I love all' of that.” Mandy Musgrave Amanda Marie Musgrave, who would later be popular as Mandy Musgrave, was born on September 19, 1986, in Orlando, Florida.However, Musgrave did not really enjoy real television success until she won the regular role of Ashley Davies on the lesbian-themed series “South of Nowhere” (The-N, 2005-? As a self-loving, bisexual and troublesome teenager, she emerged as an icon among young audiences across America and also became a favorite among adult fans. The show itself had a strong ran and was nominated for the GLAAD Media Awards twice in 20 in the category of Outstanding Drama Series and a 2007 Teen Choice for Breakout Show. Mandy Moo “I'm always cleaning, on set, doing little things here and there. In high school, she became captain of her volleyball and track team in addition to participating in school plays. Also an athlete, she made remarkable performances in high school in the stage productions of “The Miracle Worker” and “Anything Goes” and then headed to Hollywood after completing high school to be a full-time actress. A., Musgrave made a promising television debut in the long-running soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” She played Chelsea Benson from 2004 to 2005.

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Background: American actress hailed from Florida Mandy Musgrave first came to the attention of TV audiences playing Chelsea Benson on the daytime series “Days of Our Lives” (2004-2005), but she did not hit the big time until she was cast as bisexual teenager Ashley Davies on “The-N's” hit series “South of Nowhere” (2005-?

), which deals with such issues as homosexuality, racism, drugs, teen drinking and cavernous dysfunction.

“The quality I like about her least is (Ashley Davies') tolerance level.

Girls just wanna have secrets: Chloe is in the right. And Theresa is setting the entire gender back at least a decade. The infection left so much scarring on her abdomen that Chelsea was told she would not be able to carry children of her own.

There are way more teen suicides among gay teenagers than among straight kids and that's terrible. You can never find that perfect piece that you want, so why not paint it yourself? She has an older sister named Brianna and a twin sister named Jamie.

People should be able to come out and say 'this is who I am.'” Mandy Musgrave Currently, Musgrave is engaged to “South Of Nowhere” co-star Matt Cohen. When she was two years old, her parents divorced, but they both remarried two years later.

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