Maine nude

21-Mar-2015 22:34

It has not been divulged whether Withee removed the photo of his own accord or whether he was told that the shot could be seen by his entire Facebook network and then took it down.

That means that students could have possibly seen Withee's nude photo in their own timeline, even if there is no indication that any did.

That concern of exposure to Oxford Hills students motivated the school district to open its own investigation into the incident, though WMTW reported that investigation had since been closed because of Withee's resignation.

A longtime high school football coach in Maine has resigned after one of the more embarrassing and bizarre social media snafus in recent memory (if not of all time) when he accidentally posted a nude photo of himself on Facebook.

The lewd photo was viewable by the general public and was recognized by a parent of a player on his football team, leading to the coach's self-imposed departure.

While Withee has refused public comment on the incident, Oxford Hills Superintendent Rick Colpitts told Portland ABC affiliate WMTW that the photo was only online for approximately 10 minutes before it was removed.Despite that brief air time, Withee's rather bare photo was seen by a football parent, who immediately reported the incident.