Macbook pro battery icon not updating

17-Jan-2015 23:41

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A properly-calibrated and battery will help you keep tabs on your power source and prevent the annoyance of having your computer not give you a warning before it goes to sleep or telling you that it has a few minutes left when it could easily go for another few hours.After a successful calibration, your Mac Book’s battery meter will be a lot more accurate.As your Mac Book ages, your battery performance decreases — that’s just a fact of life.But if you correctly calibrate and maintain your battery, it’s possible to improve performance and put off replacing it for as long as possible.There are a number of apps that we’ve covered before, like Watts.

According to Apple, Mac Books, Mac Book Pros, and Mac Book Airs released after mid-2009 are pre-calibrated and don’t require calibration.

As you can see here, you get the current charge level, current and original maximum charge, an estimate of time remaining on the current charge, number of cycles, age, and pretty much everything else you need to monitor the overall health of your battery.

To calibrate the battery on your Mac Book, you’ll need to perform a full cycle through the battery’s life.

Even though safe sleep mode will save any open files when your computer goes to sleep, it’s a good idea to save everything and close your apps before it goes to sleep.

Once you’ve run the calibration cycle, your computer will have a much better idea of how much power is really left in your battery.In addition to calibrating your battery, you can take steps to monitor the health and charge level to give you an even better idea of the overall condition.