Love me love my pet dating

27-Nov-2014 04:32

Pet Crazy people everywhere are discovering that the best way to get a date is to let your dog do the networking.The new rage in dating is bringing Fido along to events and places that allow for pooches.Dog lovers mingle and tangle leashes while enjoying cocktails ands live music.All the awkwardness of introduction is instantly swept away.In fact, in a Knoxville New-Sentinel survey 58 percent of men said that a puppy is a fool-proof chick magnet.

At a dog park or strolling with your dog on a walk you instantly have something to talk about with every interested person you meet.

All you have to do is let your friendly pooch nose up to the good looking girl or guy sitting on a park bench, smile and say, "Look at that, Fido likes you." Now you can introduce your dog and start talking.