Lotus domino calendar error validating user

09-Feb-2016 07:05

dim s as new Notes Session dim db as Notes Database dim prodoc as Notes Document set db=s. Get Profile Document("Calendar Profile" , "Debbie Johnson/wsi") call prodoc.Remove(true) That will delete Debbie's profile from the database and your first error will stop appearing.The schedule manager periodically reads this information to update the Free time system (busytime.nsf) depending on whether the user is listed in the Domino directory.Even though Debbie is no longer in your Domino Directory as a person, the schedule manager is still running on her mail database -- thus, you are getting this error: "Error Processing calendar Profile Document..." Add the following code in an agent in Debbie's database and run it.

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mail-in db; mailin db; Sched Validate; user in Domino Directory; Room; Reservation; C&S; Calendaring & Scheduling; calendar entry; calendar entries; meeting invitation; appointment; ND6; ND7; repeating; repeat occurrence; repeat instance; repeat series; Resource Reservation database; RRDB; RR DB; actual Domain Name for the working rooms; Fictitious Name; Fictitious A Lotus® Domino® administrator has created a new site and rooms in a working Resource Reservations database.

The existing sites and rooms are working properly, but none of the rooms in the new site process any room request from the user's calendar or directly from the Reservations database.

I have been getting errors both for people who are no longer working with our company and people that are currently employed with our company. Every mail database contains a user's profile document.

I've seen a lot of posts on IBM Notes forums, but I kind of get lost in the woods with all those postings. The profile document contains the user's "free time," that is, the time they will let you schedule meetings with them.

Domino Server; Notes; Scheduling Agent; 151788; notes log file; domino log file; C&S; Calendaring & Scheduling; calendar entry; calendar entries; meeting invitation; appointment; R5 ND6; ND7; schedule manager; sched manager; schmgr; schedulemanager This problem can occur when a Domino administrator uses the Administration Process (Admin P) to delete a user from the system, but does not select to remove the mail file.

When the server is started it finds the mail file but there is no Person document associated with it.