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02-Feb-2016 14:04

Firstly, This app appeared on my Facebook from nowehere...I hadn't created/requested it and when I looked at it information from my facebook had been uploaded to this app?? I was well pissed off, my boyfriend isn't pleased in the slightest....

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This site works with Facebook and mobile/cell phone platforms such as the i Phone.

You can link your Facebook account and receive matches direct to Facebook or receive matches "on the go", directly on your mobile device.

You are in complete control of your dating experience on this site!

& yes this is a legal case Vivien Chishimba Total rubbish site, I cant believe that this site has anything above a 1 start, and that's because you cant give it zero stars.

when a search is made I even appear in the top five!! I've never heard of 'are you interested' till a few days ago, I eventually got rid of it via facebook but bizarrely I still appear on the Website! i cant deregister myself when I haven't got a clue!

it wont accept an email log in as it does not recognise one - Obviously.

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It is in fact still used today, so the concept of “bolted and barred” is still relevant. Padlocks with an extra long shackle were also sold; one of Sweden’s earliest mail-order companies, Åhlén & Holm, offered one in its 1899–1909 anniversary catalogue: “Velocipede lock no. To enclose one branch of the front fork and a few spokes, or the pedal crank arm and the adjacent frame arm.” Padlocks with an extra long shackle are still in use a century later. For production of malleable iron using one or two blowers. Decoration and rust protection of iron or steel surfaces. The engraved line is soft and unbroken, while the impression is composed of a series of pressed-in markings. Farmer Erik (or Erich) Persson (1707–1794) lived in Bollsjö in the parish of Folkerna in the province of Dalarna in central Sweden. Two or more pieces of iron are heated white-hot and can then be joined by striking with a hammer or maul. The keys to the city gates were a symbol of the inhabitants’ right to self-determination. Swedish King Erik XIV’s Key to the Kingdom is a symbol of power and a part of the royal regalia. The key bit moves the bolt using the notches, pins or holes on the bolt. In cities in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe, apartment buildings could have communal lavatories in the corridors, or rows of outdoor lavatories in the courtyards as late as the 1940s, built in the latter half of the 19th century. A lock is a mechanical device used to prevent the opening of a door, etc., without the proper key. The long locks are often signed and decorated with etching and rounded embossments. Even the loss of an ear made the perpetrator’s shame permanently visible. The law rolls of the Swedish Provinces were written down in the 13th century. This early medieval legislation distinguishes generally between wrongs committed against the social order and those committed against individual interests. An early 1850s lock design by renowned American locksmith Alfred Charles Hobbs, who was the first man to be able to pick the “unpickable” six-levered Chubb detector lock at the 1851 World Fair in London (the Great Exhibition). Roman key designed to be worn on the finger as a ring. … continue reading »

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