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18-Jul-2015 14:31

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There is also a direct link to them further down this page.However during recessions or as supply gets too big then the value will drop slightly.Yet again the good news is that it will come up again. That means there is usually a steady enough demand and they are looking for the unique piece rather than a huge profit. If so, then you will enjoy reading about these fantastic pieces of American history. In many cases people have been left these old antique watches by their parents or grand parents.Although it is always sad to see the demise of any business, it does mean that you actually own an antique Elgin and one that will over time only ever increase in value. The average pocket watch in these recessional times has dropped in value from a few years ago.That said, they can still be worth a considerable amount of money if you have the right one. Like any product in the market place watches are also subject to supply and demand issues and how much disposable income people have available.I have done a few articles on here about appraising these and how best to determine their value.

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When times are good then people will have more money to spend.

They will start to buy these types of vintage Elgin watches.

The really good news is that Elgin has now ceased trading as a company.

That means none of these watches will ever be made again.

The majority of people searching online for information about Elgin have either found one or perhaps have been left one in a will.

They want to know more about it, especially the value.